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Potential Agents

We noticed that many international companies need to get more sales and market share for their products in India, which is an emerging and fast-growing economy. Companies need to find aggressive, successful and result-oriented sales agents / distributors having a good infrastructure and rapport with the potential customers, who can market successfully their products or services in India. We would shortlist the potential sales agents / distributors.

Many International companies have their presence in India through their sales agents / distributors and / or their subsidiary. However, the sales figures being acheived by them may be very less as compared to the major competitors', and we would provide figures of imports by these major competitors, whereby you could take corrective steps to increase sales and avoid your competitors' getting a larger market share and dominance in Indian markets.

The international companies may not be aware of the market share of their competitors as comapred to their's and may be missing out on valuable gains. We would find out and advice the international companies on the actual market for their products along with their competitor's market share.


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